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Sunday- Game-On!

Getting a lot of views lately.  Guten Tag, Deutchland! G’day Aussies!  Cheers, Britain! And welcome, whoever that is in India!  I thank you all very much.  Please, look around, there’s some decent pics in older posts and I heartily welcome comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

BTW, I’m ‘color-blind’.  I know colors in pictures are often a bit ‘off’, but if you see anything WAY off, let me know.  Sometimes I get bored of primary colors and I experiment.  If it looks really shitty to normal eyes, flip me a solid and let me know.

For the regulars: Game on, my house, Sunday.  Don’t expect a lot of ‘plot’.  I mainly want to just have a big fight and hammer out some of the glaring flaws in the V4.2 rules.

For everybody: I will be amending to a V4.3 rules AND putting out a separate V4.2 addendum for those of you who printed out the rules and don’t want to waste a bunch of paper/toner.  There’s a lot of stuff I left out and want to put in.  For instance, Lockpicking.  Our House Rule is the GM sets a difficulty level and for example if it’s ‘Easy’, you get 4 chances to pick the lock before you break a lockpick.  ‘Advanced’, you get three chances…  That sort of thing.

I lost (surprise, surprise) my Asphalt paint, so I have to get a new bottle. No, I can’t just wing it with my vast collection of assorted paints. I want them to match the existing road tiles I made.

Wife and I are hitting the road tomorrow, so I won’t be posting again until Sunday or Monday.  When I do, lots of pictures.  You’ll get to see a lot of new stuff and get the gist of my modular layout.  Later, Wanderers!

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Apocalypse Over-Budget

Well, I learned a few things…  First off, don’t do this on your wife’s dining room table.  If you don’t know what I mean, you’re not married.

ApocalypseRoadSo I went to TAP Plastics and got some resin.  It didn’t mix well before it started to harden and I had a hard time pouring it.  It’s not a total loss, as I can still paint it up and use it, but it bubbled and expanded on the bottom, so it’ll never sit flat.  It’ll have to be a special piece and not part of my roadway system.

Second try, I got the resin mixed right, but I think I used too much mold release (I found this out after reading the directions) and it had the opposite effect and ruined my mold.  Ripped it to shreds.  I stayed up until 2a.m. picking rubber out of the detail.

So, before I try this again, I will (gulp!) spring for the Platinum RTV (basically going to cost $25/mold for two of these) and switch to 15cm x 15cm ($12.50/mold) so cock-ups won’t be so expensive.  These bastards cost me about $15/each, as I used a whole tub of Aluminite rubber.


Can you see my vision?!?  See what I’m going for?  If you have any helpful tips, leave a comment.


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Apocalypse Road 2….

You have to start with the infrastructure, right?  Ok, so I’ve gotten a lot of complements on my road sections.  Problem is, I don’t have enough of them and carving the cracks in them takes forever.  So I’m trying something new.  I’m going to try molding them.  I didn’t carve them either.  I got a sheet of plastic (note to self: use a bigger one next time) poured a street-full of Smooth-It(tm) and when it dried, I carefully and artfully bent the plastic, cracking the plaster…then I made a Lego form and poured in the RTV silicone.  My resin catalyst went south on me, so I have to pick up some on the way home.  Cross your fingers!


Tell me if I’m wrong, but…hang on, let me back up here.  Over the weekend, my brother finally cut up the MDF for me that I bought to make modular gaming boards.  Everything is multiples of 15cm-x-15cm.  I can cover my wife’s dining room table THREE times over…

Ok, so I felt it didn’t quite look right to have streets that you can’t park on.  Strictly speaking, it looked ok with actual HO scale cars, but with old Tootsies and most Matchbox, but it didn’t really look like it was intended for cars to park on it.  Reminded me of a lot of British roads.  Frikkin’ “two-lane” road that only one car can drive through and you still wind up losing a mirror on a parked car (true story).  I try to stick to Matchbox, as Hot Wheels are usually a tad too big, but sometimes you have to give a little. I don’t want my layout dominated by parking lots.  If I do a ‘Downtown’ game, it’ll look weird if the local businesses don’t have the illusion of adequate parking.  Yes, I do plan a parking structure, which should be great for a good fight.

So, as such, the sidewalks are now going to be on the building/house tiles and not on the road tiles.  That’s going to lead to new set of complications as I try to get the sidewalks to line up correctly.  I may just use a lot of ‘broken’ sidewalks.

Next up, I put together the first of 7 sections of Highway Overpass.  Can’t wait to paint one of these up!  Still trying to figure out how to make the ends look like they’ve broken off.


Last up for today,  Atomic Bob has donated a large box of industrial buildings/vats/boxcars which bumps up the priority of a few factory tiles.  There’s a lot more, this is just 3 pieces I pried off some bathroom wall covering the previous owner was using as basing.


Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll post the results of the road manufacturing.

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Next Up: Lewt Cards

Next up I will be turning my lewt cards into PDF’s and posting them.  Thanks to Fallout 4 and a lot of Fallout fans out there with WAY more time on their hands than I do, I have better graphics to put on them.

If you’re new here, scroll down a bit and you’ll see the lewt cards.  I’m tellin’ ya, it’s way better than rolling randomly and waiting for your players to write everything down.  You’ll like ’em.  I promise!

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Ugg, Deathclaw ate my USB stick…V4.2 Rules

Lost most of my editing.  Here are the CURRENT rules, which are quite a bit different than the one I posted yesterday…I apologize to your printer.


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Fallout15 Character Generator

Again, this is a work in progress, but I think it’s quite improved from the last version.

The ‘Generator’ tab is where you input information, the ‘Character’ tab is the one you print out.  Still a couple things missing, but it’s workable.

I vastly reduced the EXP for leveling. That way I can give out standard EXP and the characters will level a lot faster.  Hey, we’re getting old and I’m sure my players would like to see the inside of some Power Armor someday extremely soon. Click the link for the Generator.  It’s an .xls (Excel) file.


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Fallout15 V4.1 Rules!

Fallout15_V4  Here it is! Click on the link to download a .pdf copy of the Version 4.1 rules!

Remember, I still got a lot of work to do on it, but I think it’s playable.

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