99 Territory

Here’s a pic of the guard tower at the top of the freeway.  I’m not going to glue it down, so I can re-use it as scatter terrain.  I’m going to add a few more signs, some more rust and some little details like an ammo can.  The back (sorry, pic tomorrow) is a fire escape that Atomic Bob accidentally broke off a building during one of our first games.  Hey, it ain’t broken junk, it’s scatter terrain.

This whole piece cost me about .50 cents.  Seriously.  I think about 35 cents of that is paint,


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I-5 Territory

Here’s how far I got on the weekend.  I started to put together the next game board.  Hopefully we can play next Sunday.  I stuck in a ‘before’ picture so you can see the difference.

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Added some gravel…

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Ran out of Wonderglue

Man, I hate it when I’m in the Zone and I run out of supplies.  Well, here’s how far I got last night:


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Out of basing stuff…

I went to Home Depot and got three tubes of Loctite “Repair Putty” (epoxy putty) to build up my base.  I could have used 4, but meh…it looks pretty good.  Here’s where I stopped last night.

Can you see my vision yet?

I ran out of the Brown Earth and had to start using Dark Earth.  That just means I’ll have to do some actual painting to blend in the dark patches and the edge.

I found a bag of rubble that I had previously prepared.  This stuff is easy to make, really.  You get a piece of plastic, use paving tape (I used Woodland Scenics) to make a box shape and fill it with plaster in which you’ve mixed in some paint (concrete in this case).  When dry, you just bend the plastic and it all breaks up very nicely.

Anyway, I hope you can see my “vision”.  I’ll post more later.

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To F-16, or not to F-16

Look at the picture below.  Surely you can see what I’m trying to decide while some glue dries.  I’ve sacrificed a freeway span and solved my “broken span” problem.  Now, do I sacrifice the F-16?

I’m planning on making it look like the jet crashed into the freeway, in case you didn’t guess.  I plan on lots of rubble (which I have to plaster-cast still), graffiti, lots of dirt  and sawing the F-16 in half to make it look half-buried.

What do you think?  It’s a nice piece.  I might be out a cool jet if I screw it up…

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Why didn’t you tell me? Fallout Tabletop Game coming this summer….


I’ll be getting it.  I don’t know if I’m down for switching to 32mm from 15mm because of the time/money investment in my scenery collection, but it looks super cool and I’m a Fallout Fanboi….

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Getting farther on the Freeway

Hey, I got somewhere.  Bummer is the brown acrylic paste I have that I used for the basing…I ran out of.  I still have a full tub of the ‘Dark Earth’ but that means I’ll have to hit it liberally with paint to get it to blend in.  Maybe they have some down at the hobby shop…  I have some ideas for the ‘onramp’ where the characters can get to the top.  Basically it’ll be a separate section of with a collapsed span.

If you have any good ideas/comments/criticism, I’d love to hear it.  Preferably before I get farther into the project. 🙂

Base section with brown acrylic paste

Pre-glue construction brainstorming

Halfway done

I can see what it’s going to look like when complete at least

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Fallout Freeway Overpass

I’m very happy I’ve finally gotten some of my Freeway Overpass assembled.  I’m thinking I really like the old-fashioned one.

This is a Rix kit and not super-hard to put together.  More pictures as I get it painted and mounted.

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Incredibly useful modelling tools

Trust me, you need some of these.  A buddy showed me how he used 4 metal 6-siders to glue walls together.  Metal 6-siders are damn expensive, so I had another idea.

I went to the machine shop at work, dug through the trash bin and found some suitable scrap steel.  The guys were nice enough to cut the cubes for me and grind the burrs off the edges.

If you have a machine shop in your town (who doesn’t) then it couldn’t hurt to drop by and ask if they can make you a few of these.  Shouldn’t cost you more than a couple bucks at most.

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