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Ok, I’m back.  We’ve got two new players and get this…one’s a GIRL.  She rocks. She actually thinks of stuff other than “how many shots can I get off while standing in the open?”

Project Update:  MR. GUTSY approaches!  We’ve got the materials and now I’m just waiting for the parts to be cut.  We’ll be selling the extras on eBay to recoop the materials costs which is currently about $30.  The materials consist of two different sized round beads bought at Hobby Lobby, some plastic half-rod bought at Modesto Hobby and Crafts and some brass/tin sheets LASER CUT for the arms and eyestalks!  WHEEEEEE!!!!

Project Update:  Recently acquired some modestly priced polystyrene sheets and will be making interior walls for Vaults and such.  Must clean the garage first.


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