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Road Warriors

We got some new stuff in last night.  Securitrons, Robobrains, and some PC types from

My 14 year old also found his box of cars.  While sorting them I found the 1965 Ford Galaxie Police Cruiser, made in England for Matchbox by Lesney…  My favorite car in the whole world.  I’ve had it since I was a wee lad and the normal wear-and-tear is so perfect, I’m not even going to paint it.  As far as the other cars go, most of the Hot Wheels were out of the question.  Just too big. As were the Maestros.  I’m going to sell them all on eBay.  Most of the Matchbox are going too, as they’re just not …”Fallout”.  I may save some of the “Made in China” brand and make a Formula 1 junkyard or something.  I guess I need to figure out how to take these things apart, which should be hard as they were made for intentional abuse by 5 year olds, and find out what will strip the paint off.  I should have a big pile of tires to make barricades and such when I’m done.

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Ice-cold Nuka Cola



Hey!  Brand new blog, no it’s not “defunct”, I just haven’t added anything yet.  Here’s what’s coming:

1. Rules for 15mm Fallout PNP.  Yep, that’s Pen ‘N’ Paper.  It’ll play more like a Skirmish game, but have a lot of RPG goodness too.  And it’s 90% based on actual Fallout mechanics.  Unlike the computer game, there is no computer to crunch all the numbers for us, so we had to take a little artistic license and boil the numbers down to a playable game.

2. Pictures of what we’re cookin’ up in the Vat.  We’ll be posting pics of our miniatures projects, scenery builds etc. along with some how-to’s.  I’m making most of the scenery, all our group is new to 15mm scale, and none of us are master-modellers, so we’ll be linking to YouTube vids and tutorials from around the web with special consideration on how you (we) can turn our favorite video game series into full-color 15mm Friday night reality.

3. I’ll also be posting links to miniatures manufacturers.  BOS, the Fallout1 PC with the one-sleeve Leather Armor, Raiders, FO New Vegas Securitrons, Super Mutants, Giant Ants, Robobrains…they’re all out there and in 15mm.  Problem is that they’re made by 2 dozen manufacturers and it can take days to find where to buy this stuff.  I plan on solving this problem.

4. We’re working on the cheap, and you can too.  We’ll post every tip we can think of on household goods and dime-store items that can be re-purposed into fleshing out your very own post-apocalypse Wasteland!  F***’ed up roads, shacks, trash cans, buildings, caves, you name it, as cheap as we can figure out how to build it.

5. Oh, we’ll be more than happy to shill whatever Fallout projects Bethesda and Interplay have in the works, too.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

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