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Fallout Movie of the Week: Chernobyl Diaries

I thought this was going to be a travel documentary at first and I’m thinking “Hey, cool, I can get some scenery ideas.”

Until the Ghouls showed up and ate the ex-Spetsnaz tour guide.

Yes, Ghouls, rabid packs of dogs, mutant fish and even a Yuai-gui.  Abandoned buildings, underground vaults, nuclear reactor, screaming geiger-counter, tire-irons and one 9mm pistol with half a clip of ammo.  This movie has it all.

Spoiler Alert!:  Our plucky American Tourist characters die shamefully in a puddle of their own urine…one by one.

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Work in Progress

Toxic Waste Dump!toxic

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Apocalypse Road Revisited

Hey!  It’s….GAME NIGHT!  Ok, so unfortunately I won’t be posting the Toxic Waste Dump I made last night as I’m not done painting it.  But here’s from last game….Hogzilla

WP_20130419_003[1]Also, in these pictures you can see the road sections I made “final version”.  I’ll be making more, of course.  They look…well they just look bad-ass.  I’m quite proud of them.  Not that the paper-on-MDF board ones look bad.  As you can see, I used both in that game.

The modeled ones just look very realistic.  Pot-holes, actual sidewalks, etc.WP_20130419_001[1]

My main complaint is the yellow striping doesn’t want to stick very well and obviously was made for clean, well-maintained roads of the model RR enthusiast.

Post Apocalyptic scenery is both harder and easier than Railroad Modelling.  Harder because you have to work at making everything look …well… old and shitty.  Most of the RR stuff is intended to make pretty, new-looking buildings.  “Weathering” and “Distressing” buildings in RR hobby is quite an art form in and of itself.  We here at Fallout15mm are attempting to go two steps further and make everything look downright dilapidated.  Harder than it sounds, because unlike military modelling, not everything needs or should look like cannon shells fell on it.

On the other hand, it’s easier because we don’t really care if everything is glued together correctly.  A 10 year old’s f*** up on eBay is an awesome and cheap find often BETTER than if you bought the kit brand-new and did everything yourself.WP_20130419_002[1]


Well, the last picture is just such a building.  Honestly, I could do some stuff to it to make it look “awesomer”, but it’s just fine the way it is.  I was surprised to find out it was a kit of a demolished building, not a scratch-build or a kit-bash.  I paid a bit more than I normally do.  I think it was $20 shipping and everything, but I’m quite happy any time I can pick up a piece that I can just plop right on the table an play with.

See ya next week.  Don’t forget to take your Rad-Away!WP_20130419_004[1]

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