Apocalypse Over-Budget

Well, I learned a few things…  First off, don’t do this on your wife’s dining room table.  If you don’t know what I mean, you’re not married.

ApocalypseRoadSo I went to TAP Plastics and got some resin.  It didn’t mix well before it started to harden and I had a hard time pouring it.  It’s not a total loss, as I can still paint it up and use it, but it bubbled and expanded on the bottom, so it’ll never sit flat.  It’ll have to be a special piece and not part of my roadway system.

Second try, I got the resin mixed right, but I think I used too much mold release (I found this out after reading the directions) and it had the opposite effect and ruined my mold.  Ripped it to shreds.  I stayed up until 2a.m. picking rubber out of the detail.

So, before I try this again, I will (gulp!) spring for the Platinum RTV (basically going to cost $25/mold for two of these) and switch to 15cm x 15cm ($12.50/mold) so cock-ups won’t be so expensive.  These bastards cost me about $15/each, as I used a whole tub of Aluminite rubber.


Can you see my vision?!?  See what I’m going for?  If you have any helpful tips, leave a comment.


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