Sunday- Game-On!

Getting a lot of views lately.  Guten Tag, Deutchland! G’day Aussies!  Cheers, Britain! And welcome, whoever that is in India!  I thank you all very much.  Please, look around, there’s some decent pics in older posts and I heartily welcome comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

BTW, I’m ‘color-blind’.  I know colors in pictures are often a bit ‘off’, but if you see anything WAY off, let me know.  Sometimes I get bored of primary colors and I experiment.  If it looks really shitty to normal eyes, flip me a solid and let me know.

For the regulars: Game on, my house, Sunday.  Don’t expect a lot of ‘plot’.  I mainly want to just have a big fight and hammer out some of the glaring flaws in the V4.2 rules.

For everybody: I will be amending to a V4.3 rules AND putting out a separate V4.2 addendum for those of you who printed out the rules and don’t want to waste a bunch of paper/toner.  There’s a lot of stuff I left out and want to put in.  For instance, Lockpicking.  Our House Rule is the GM sets a difficulty level and for example if it’s ‘Easy’, you get 4 chances to pick the lock before you break a lockpick.  ‘Advanced’, you get three chances…  That sort of thing.

I lost (surprise, surprise) my Asphalt paint, so I have to get a new bottle. No, I can’t just wing it with my vast collection of assorted paints. I want them to match the existing road tiles I made.

Wife and I are hitting the road tomorrow, so I won’t be posting again until Sunday or Monday.  When I do, lots of pictures.  You’ll get to see a lot of new stuff and get the gist of my modular layout.  Later, Wanderers!

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