Out of basing stuff…

I went to Home Depot and got three tubes of Loctite “Repair Putty” (epoxy putty) to build up my base.  I could have used 4, but meh…it looks pretty good.  Here’s where I stopped last night.

Can you see my vision yet?

I ran out of the Brown Earth and had to start using Dark Earth.  That just means I’ll have to do some actual painting to blend in the dark patches and the edge.

I found a bag of rubble that I had previously prepared.  This stuff is easy to make, really.  You get a piece of plastic, use paving tape (I used Woodland Scenics) to make a box shape and fill it with plaster in which you’ve mixed in some paint (concrete in this case).  When dry, you just bend the plastic and it all breaks up very nicely.

Anyway, I hope you can see my “vision”.  I’ll post more later.

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