New improved Character Editor…


Ok, this is a Template.  That means, save a copy as the character’s name so you don’t hose it up.  If you do, just change everything in the yellow cells to “0” and the S.P.E.C.I.A.L’s back to “5”.

I changed the Damage Resistance down, as it’s too hard for lower levels to kill NPC’s.  It’s just taking too many dice rolls as they just plink them to death.  Also, I changed the Crit Chance upward.  Still only max out with 3% with a 10 Luck, so it’s not that drastic.  More Crits=More Fun.

Remember, you input statistics on the “Generator” tab and you print the “Character” tab.  Don’t mess up the formulas!  You should only be inputting in the yellow cells.

Also, there are a lot of new stuff like drop-down boxes.  Most of them aren’t yellow, for instance the Perks.  You just pick the Perk you want from the drop-down.  Can’t decide?  The list is on the ‘Sheet 1’ tab.  You can also change whatever you want for your game if my stats don’t wiggle your fancy.

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