Apocalypse Road Oh-O-O-o-o-O-O-o-Oad

Ok, so we’re back!  I sold a bunch of crap on FeeBay and got some Woodland Scenics Smooth-It and Paving Tape.  Here’s my first three experiments, mounted on 15cmx15cm MDF board.  I still have a lot of dirt, dust and rocks to add, as well as yellow median stripes.  At least I know how I’m going to do the rest of them now.  I really like the potholes in the first one (stabbing the almost-dry Smooth-It with the butt end of a Bic pen) and future boards will have a lot more ‘missing chunks’ especially around the edges, as well as a lot more fine cracks now that I found my dental pick.  I think I’m also going to spray the edges with a lighter sandy brown color, as the Wasteland is more desert than anything else.  The base of GW’s Graveyard Earth and MIG’s Apocalypse Earth is a little too dark and I want it to blend in with the rest of the adjoining tiles.

Although #3 looks different, it’s the lighting.  Dining Room vs. Garage.  All three were painted the same.  Straight over the Smooth-it went Dr. Ben’s ‘Worn Concrete’.  I painted GW’s Graveyard earth on everything else and then experimented with MIG’s ‘Apocalypse Earth’ in the cracks, holes and sides.  For my Residential streets, I’m going to try a 50/50 mix of Dr. Ben’s ‘Worn Concrete’ and ‘Instant Age’ to try to get a more asphalt appearance.  I thought about buying a tube of Woodland Scenics ‘Asphalt Top Coat’, but I might as well just paint it Chaos Black if I’m going to do that.Fallout_highway


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