I’m back. Tragedy struck the Wasteland.

Remember in the last post I said I had an emergency trip to see the folks?  Yeah, well my dad passed away a couple hours after I got there.  Since then, I’ve been busy carting the oldest man-child off to college, helping mom and trying to get back to normal.  Then, wouldn’t you know, Ryno goes and has himself a massive stroke and now he can’t use his dice-rolling arm.  That wouldn’t be so bad, but that’s also the arm he writes with and paints miniatures with.

So!  This weekend my wife is returning the ancient Mercedes back to my father-in-law and I’ll be able to move about the garage more freely enabling me to start sorting, painting and building all the cool 15mm stuff I’ve recently acquired.

Stay Tuned!

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2 thoughts on “I’m back. Tragedy struck the Wasteland.

  1. That’s really shitty. But at least you got to spend some time with him before the end.

    • He was 83, died at home with all the people he loved around him. He had a good run and we couldn’t ask for better. But I think I’m ready to get back in the garage and get some miniatures rolling. I’ve got so damn many I don’t know where to start, but I think I’ll divide my time between the Fallout15mm project and my “bring the Imperial Guard into the 21st Century” project. I have a DK that is sooooo close to done and I’m halfway through a Deathwatch squad that has some serious potential of putting my gaming buddies to shame….

      Thanks for dropping by, Lead Legion!

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