Khurasan arrived!

I got our next shipment of Khurasan minis and I’m pretty impressed.  Out of their usual higher than average quality I’ve come to expect, I ordered a couple of their “character” figs.  Check this out:

Ok, my iPhone camera just CANNOT pick up the detail on this thing.  I need a goddamn jeweler’s loupe to see it.  While this is a miniature I feel every self-respecting gamer who appreciates miniatures should own, I am coming to terms with the fact that I just can’t paint it to the standards it deserves.

Here’s what Khurasan’s painter was able to do.  Same mini, now….

You see what I’m saying?  This thing is literally just a head and neck longer than my thumbnail.  I literally cannot paint this miniature, it’s beyond my ability.  It sucks.  Now that I’m older I’ve got the experience, tools and a decent assortment of paint…but don’t have the eyesight.

Is this the dude from Half-Life, or is this the dude from Half-Life?  I think it’s the dude from Half-Life and he looks AWESOME. I got all the character minis and they’re all AWESOME.

Oh, Khurasan takes forever to ship, but dammit I have to say it’s worth the wait.  What held him up this time were those new hummer-type vehicles, which I must say are also…spectacular.

Ok, so I got soooooo much new stuff since Friday before last.  Stay tuned, we’re gaming tonight with new scenery (not quite finished, but a decent WIP) and I’ll put pictures of all the minis I got.  I’m still waiting on some of the stuff I ordered from the Brits.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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2 thoughts on “Khurasan arrived!

  1. Did you ever paint this guy? I have this set too and my feelings are… similar 😛 Even though I’m a Half Life fan I’m AFRAID to paint him!

    • I’m …really afraid to paint him. He’s awesome. I’m thinking of just a light primer and some washes just to bring out the detail.

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